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We often hear “I found a place that can cut my dog’s hair for half what you charge!” We wanted to share a little about the Masterpiece difference and why our price point is higher than the majority of salons in the area. We know paying $200 - $400 for a haircut is a lot to budget for and want you to know why our pricing is what it is.


(1)  We are a boutique women owned small business salon. We are not a franchise, we have one location and a business owner is always on site overseeing and assisting employees at all times. All of our clients have direct concierge level service with the business owners and are able to directly contact us 24-7 if any issues should arise with their pet, or simply with questions they may have. We love what we do, both Rachel and Abby have a background in rescue and are passionate about humane care for every animal that walks through our doors.


(2)  We believe in fair and competitive pay for all of our staff. We hire the absolute best in the business, and their pay is commensurate with that experience. Before hire, all of our stylists and bathers are tested with a working interview on our personal dogs to ensure that they have the skills and temperament to call Masterpiece their home. Patience is the most important aspect of this business and it is something we test for prior to hiring. All of our staff are paid a commission rate of 45 to 55% for every groom they conduct, we hire the best and make sure they are compensated accordingly. We are often asked about gratuities for staff. While we are always happy to add on a gratuity at a client's request which goes 100 percent to the pet stylist, it is absolutely never expected at this price point and we want to be very transparent with our clients about groomer pay so no one ever feels pressured to add on gratuity to an already expensive groom. 

(3)  When you have great staff, continuing education is a must. We hire professionals who are perfectionists, always striving to know more, learn more and be better. We cover continuing education costs for staff so that they continue to learn, grow, and improve all the time. You never stop learning if you want to be the best. Like all professionals in any respected line of employment, continuing education for groomers is a must to stay on the cutting edge in coat care, skin care, and animal care. We also have four CPR certified staff members to ensure that your pets are in the best hands at all times when in our care.


(4)  Transparency in pricing. We are very upfront about the cost of our services at the time that you book your pet’s groom. This is why our intake process is so thorough and why we usually talk to new clients either early in the morning or late afternoon when the salon is quiet, and you can have our full attention. All grooms are booked by the business owner only so that we are aware of everything about your pet prior to you walking through our door. We ask lots of questions to make sure that your groom is what you want and that your pet is matched with a stylist that will be the best fit for them. We do not add-on costs or try to upsell you products, our high end product line is included in our upfront cost. We want your pet to look and feel their absolute best and our product lines reflect that.


(5)  Express service. Here at Masterpiece, there’s no crating, there’s no waiting, and it’s a quiet spa like setting almost all of the time. Anxious dogs are booked on our less busy days to ensure that they have a great spa experience from start to finish. A stylist is with your dog or cat for their entire groom. The express service approach is a more expensive business model because we are not able to take care of as many pets as a salon with kennels and crates. This is also why we are so strict about drop off and pick up times, the time your pet is with us is designated solely for their enjoyment, and we want every pet to be able to enjoy that one on one time with their stylist. Our stylists often take care of about half the pets in a day that they would at most salons, which allows their bodies to be better rested, and their patience levels to remain high. Healthy bodies are healthy minds.


We hope this information is helpful in making your decision about your pet’s grooming experience. We are always here to answer any questions you may have about the grooming process, our stylists and why Masterpiece is truly a different experience from your initial phone call to picking up your gorgeous and happy pet at the end of their groom. 

At Masterpiece, we strive to make each dog we serve a work of art. Our experienced team of groomers and caretakers utilize the latest techniques to provide your pup with the best possible spa experience. See what Masterpiece can do for your furry friend.

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