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No kennels,
or waiting.

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A Different Kind of Groomer

Established in 2018, Masterpiece Canine Spa strives to be a different kind of groomer. As an express service salon, your pet arrives at their appointment time, is immediately greeted by their stylist, and spends the entire appointment with someone by their side. No kennels, crating, or waiting, leading to less stress and anxiety and more love of the grooming process. We also never allow pets to play together before or after appointments, leading to your pet never being in danger of an unanticipated reaction by another pet - and your pet always looks fresh and perfect for pickup.

Our packages include bath, hand blowout, nail trim, and file and ear cleaning. Our spa packages always include premium shampoos such as Show Season and Best Shot, tailored individually for your dog’s specific coat and skin needs. At Masterpiece, we invest in continuing education for all our groomers to bring our clients the latest and cutting-edge techniques available in the industry. We like to call new clients to spend some time discussing your dog and their individual needs. If you are interested in booking an appointment, please provide us with a number to call you. We usually call new clients first thing in the morning or at the end of the day when the salon is less busy, and we can have an uninterrupted conversation. All appointments require a $100.00 credit card deposit to hold an appointment and contactless close out after your dog's groom.

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